Prior to the appointed time of inspection it may be necessary to make some preparations.

First, there must be access to the well itself. If it is obstructed with landscaping or other preventative means, they must be removed. If the well is in a pit or in a structure it must be accessible. If the well is buried, it must be uncovered, preferable to the service line.

Second, the inside components must be cleared and open for visual inspection. Pressure tank, water conditioner connections must also be visible. Sometimes ceiling tiles, storage or laundry appliances must be moved.

Third, the water supply must be in working order. There must be power to the pump, a working fixture and the system should be pre-flushed if the home has been vacant for greater than one week. To flush your water supply, you should run the water through a garden hose for over one hour, directed away from the septic system in an area to preclude flooding. For water supplies that have been disinfected or chlorinated it must be flushed long enough to eliminate all traces of chlorine or disinfectant.

Lastly, there must be access to the home so that the inspection can be accomplished. If someone is to meet with an inspector, there must be at least one representative older than 18 years of age.