The inspection that HAMILTON EVALUATIONS LLC provide on your sewage disposal system consists of a review of Health Department records (if available), an outside evaluation to identify the type, size, location and condition of the final disposal and septic tank. It is best if the septic tank has been properly maintained and pumped at regular intervals. At the time the tank is assessed, it may be necessary to have it pumped to satisfy a complete inspection. The need of pumping can be determined on-site or it can be pumped prior to the appointment. If a pump card from a sewage pumper can be supplied during the evaluation it may be beneficial to the fact finding process.

Prior to the appointed time of the inspection it may be necessary to make some preparations.

First, there must be access to the septic tank and final disposal area. If there are obstructions preventing access they must be removed. It’s best to have the septic tank and final disposal area located and identified. Some effort can be made by the inspector, however, if portions of the system can not be located, it can not be assessed. It is helpful to have the lid to the septic tank (outlet end) uncovered and opened if possible.

Second, the inside plumbing components should be cleared and open for visual inspection. Laundry, sewage ejector crocks, basement or under house plumbing and water conditioner connections must also be visible.
Sometimes ceiling tiles, storage or laundry appliances must be moved.

Lastly, there must be access to the home so that the inspection can be accomplished. If someone is to meet with an inspector, there must be at least one representative 18 years or older.