As the owner of a subject property, there are certain situations that may be considered for an exemption from all or part of an inspection under the regulations in Barry and Eaton Counties

The structure is to be connected to an available public sanitary sewer and/or public water supply within 6 months of the sale or transfer.

The sale or transfer is occurring within the first 3 years after final approval by the Health Department. The use of the system(s) is consistent with the intended use and conditions at the time of permit and final approval. The system is not in a state of failure, has not been altered after approval from its original physically constructed form, and is located on the same parcel as is the premise, which the system(s) serve.

A transfer evaluation has occurred within 12 months of the date of sale or transfer, and the pertinent transfer evaluation summary of findings was filed with the Health Department and transfer authorization was issued by the Health Department. (extensions may be considered if the parcel has not been occupied for all or a portion of the duration between transfers)

The premise will be demolished and will not be occupied after the property transfer.

The property transfer is a land contract that was in effect prior to November 1, 2007, effective date of the regulation.

The property is being transferred to certain immediate family members to be reviewed by the Health Department.


If other circumstances are to be considered contact the Barry-Eaton District Health Department at (517)541-2615 in Charlotte or (269)945-9516, select 3 then 5 for Hastings.